The Spanish way of life スペインを肌で感じて

The Spanish way of life

I know from speaking to my students that many of you are as interested in cultural differences as you are in learning languages, and I love exploring cultural differences. Here are a few things that I’ve noticed are different in Spain from both the UK and Grand Cayman:

1. Everybody gets up late (9am onwards)

2. Spanish people have very late evenings, they often don’t eat until beyond 10pm and stay up beyond 2am.

3. Children are a huge part of Spanish family life, and they are included in everything-their bedtimes are also very late (it’s not unusual to see children still up at midnight!)

4. It often takes a long time to get things done (for example, the six weeks that it took to set up my Broadband!)

5. ‘Siesta‘ time (traditionally an afternoon sleep) is between 2pm and 5pm, and during this time, it is very quiet everywhere, so a good time to visit the beach or do some shopping!

Spain 1
by talliskeeton, Flickr

These are just a few of the ways of Spanish life that I have noted so far, rest assured, there are many more that make Spain a country so rich in cultural tradition!

Hasta luego!